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There are many suggestion and token bits of advice we see around the web for visiting Vegas and while some are true for all visits others simply do not apply to a London 2 Vegas trip. Below we have put together what we think are eight great essentials things we would tell any of our clients before they set out to Las Vegas.

Keep in mind we have plenty more knowledge to share so if you have a question about your trip please get in touch or chat with us and we can probably offer you some guidance but for now check these out;


Plan your Trip !

This especially goes out to the the lads that are planning a stag or just a general trip with the boys, we strongly advise you to have a good itinerary set up before you get on that plane. These clubs and pool parties do sell out so it is best to make some reservations before you arrive, that way you have peace of mind knowing you are not going to be stuck at the entrance of a sold out club because you left it too late!


Vegas, unfortunately is the home to the hustler and con-artist. Everyone and his grandmother will have a ‘special deal’ they can offer you in this town. 90% of the time if it sounds too good to be true….it is! Be careful of anyone that offers you ‘VIP’ nightclub passes or VIP tables in the street, stay away! It is always best to ask a trusted source for advice and recommendations.


Us Brits are used to tipping when we feel the service we have we have received is worthy of an extra few quid. Here is Vegas, the mindset is completely different. So, taxi drivers, Valet, the bellman at your hotel, waiters/resses, barmen and security to name a few. You will most likely find the level of service you receive here is exceptional and worth of an extra few dollars here and there. This town is service industry town so most of these people rely solely on tips as their main source of income.

Table Service or General Admission?

Every nightclub and pool party here in Vegas can give their patrons the option of two choices, get VIP bottle service or general admission and get drinks at the bar. The common misconception that we find from Vegas virgins is that table service is going to be way too expensive. With some situations this can be the case (especially is there is 2-3 of you), however with a decent sized group, after you take into consideration the average price of a drink at the bar + your entry fee + the drinks you are buying for the blonde that you want to take home….. it can actually work out a lot easier and more cost effective getting a table with a couple of bottles to last you the night.

Get a Taxi!

When we first moved to Vegas, we thought every hotel was just a 5-10min walk way…it’s not! The Strip is four miles long, and because the buildings are so close together, they appear closer than they really are—a two building walk from, say, Bally’s to Planet Hollywood is manageable, but any more than that, and you’ll wear out your walking shoes. So always best to get a taxi, if there is a large group of you it’s worth getting a limo, they are really not that expensive once split between everyone.

Coming on a Holiday Weekend?

There are numerous holiday weekends here in Vegas, Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, Independence Day Weekend to name a few… This mean 2 things, Vegas will be even busier and hotels and clubs will be slightly more expensive. If you are planning your Vegas trip in the Summer, try and stay away from these weekends, the reason we suggest this is, during April-September, Vegas is busy and crazy no matter what the weekend. Trust us, you will have an amazing time regardless of when you come!

Just Bring your shorts, wallet & ID to the pools.

Upon entering every pool you will notice there is a security check point. You are required to literally empty everything from your pockets, if you have a bag you will have to check this in. Whether it’s eye drops, pain killers or a bottle of water, this will all be confiscated. So we advise all our groups to simply come with as little as possible. Another thing we recommend is to just have a couple of members of your group bring their phone, that way there is a lot less chance of everyone losing their phone or dropping it in the water and creating an inevitable nightmare!

5 Tips For An Epic Vegas stag

Planning a Stag?? Here are our Top 5 tips on making sure it goes smoothly!

We at London2VegasVIP have organized over 500 Las Vegas stag trips over the last few years, so we like to consider ourselves specialists when it comes down to showing the Stag one last unforgettable blow out with the lads.

Below we have listed 5 tips that will help you arrange those last few days of freedom. Of course please do not hesitate to contact us as we do have more than five pieces of advice (more like 500) but below are some key words of wisdom;

Plan an agreed budget.

Once you have booked your hotel and flight, we advise you to gather up the lads and arrange a budget you are happy with for your days and nights out. It is always easiest when we are told of a total budget as this way we know where and what days are going to be best to displace this along with being able to provide you with a good idea of how many events you can do, depending on how hard you want to go!

Have a captain.

90% of the time we are contacted by the appointed best man to the groom. He will then liaise with group as to what the general consensus is of what everyone would to do. By having someone in charge it makes it easier to sort out all the planning and coming to a final decision as to where the group would like to go.

Have it locked in before you arrive.

whether is a group of 5 of you or 40 of you (yes we have had stag parties of 40+!) Before you get on that plane, have as much booked as possible. The last thing you want is arrive in Vegas without having any plans, booking the nightclubs and pool parties last minute can often become very stressful, especially with a large group. By having a good itinerary with your event all booked up, it allows the whole party, especially the groom to have ultimate peace of mind, knowing this will be an incredible trip. All you lads have to do is turn up to the desired venue and we will have everything taken care of.

Have one BIG day/night.

As I am sure you may already know, Vegas is home to some of the most popular nightclubs and pool parties on the planet. These venues will often have HUGE DJ’s or Acts performing. Names such as Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Tiesto, Avicii or Chris Brown to name a few, they will often be on a Friday or Saturday. So we suggest allowing yourselves to have one blow out event to create that one special day or night unforgettable and a time that you boys will always remember be talking about for many years to come.

Keep some of it a SECRET!!!

Here at L2V, we are professionals when it comes down to assisting with stitching up the stag, we won’t divulge too much as to what we can or have arranged as we leave that for a separate conversation with everyone in the group BUT the groom. However, depending on how cruel or generous you want to be, we have some crazy suggestions for you to leave the groom in utter shock or fits of laughter! The choice is yours.